Access liquidity from anywhere in your supply chain

Zeconomy’s patented marketplace where businesses can trade liquidity for price discounts far beyond their direct customers and suppliers without increasing credit risk.

An automated, secure, and transparent solution

For Account Receivables

  • Collect early
  • Save on financing costs
  • No need to borrow
  • Pay with receivables instead of cash

For Account Payables

  • Larger discounts than those available from direct suppliers
  • Many more discount opportunities
  • Fully automated transactions
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Solving liquidity needs and reducing compounded costs throughout the supply chain.

The Problem: suppliers pass compounded financing costs on to the end customer.

Our solution?

Inject liquidity where it counts most - reduce cost without added credit risk. If financing costs are eliminated at one or more levels, prices come down across the entire supply chain.

Zeconomy opens more opportunities that are no longer constrained by risk, reach or shortened DPOs


in outstanding Accounts Receivable that can be turned into cash at rates much lower than traditional and new financing sources


in corporate cash that can be deployed for savings without added risk or shrinking DPO


in potential savings on working capital costs is the result

Source of data: Fed Res Z.1 Release Sep. 18, 2015, except for commentary and >$95B in savings.

A simple, secure application to reduce your complex supply chain costs.

Start capturing price discounts and low cost liquidity today.