Run efficient B2B transactions

Zeconomy A.I. cash flow network automatically brings instant payment upon shipping, automatic payable extensions and money market rates to B2B sales and purchases.

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A plug-n-play cash flow solution that leverages existing systems to automatically save you money and increase your cash on every transaction

Faster, less processing and always at lower cost

Cash on your sales within 24 hours after shipping or service delivery, and automatic payment terms extension on your payable of up to 180 days without incurring debt.

Zeconomy’s proprietary automated price discovery delivers the lowest cost and maximum cash on B2B transactions. It unlocks more resources and discounts for buyers and suppliers.

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Easy to Use Secure App

Leverage your existing processes and transactions through a secure web and integrated application. You can try Zeconomy in minutes. It works automatically with existing systems to enable you to:

Receive immediate cash on sales

Extend payment terms on purchases without affecting suppliers

Reduce cost and substantial steps in transaction processing

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A.I. Opportunity Discovery

Zeconomy’s patented and proprietary system taps successive tiers of cash flow among trade partners to maximize cash availability, reduce risk and in turn generate savings and increased cash availability.

The Zeconomy system provides automatic price discovery, transaction management and value delivery that leverages existing customer processes, banking and the way you do business.

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Sign-up in minutes and try it with a few transactions. Connect today through an easy and secure online dashboard or through fast API integration from any financial system or software.

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