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Zeconomy Inks  Ready Rebate Agreement with European Corporation

Apr 2023 - A Ready Rebate agreement was signed with a large European corporation. The Ready Program enables buyers to support their supply chain by opening up additional liquidity channels which were otherwise not available to the supply base. 

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From Digital CPs to Cash: Blockchain Transaction Converts 33,110 Tokens via Trade Asset Tokenization

Oct 2021 - 33,110 Digital CPs were exchanged for an equal amount of Trade Asset Tokens from a tokenized invoice.  The tokens were then converted into cash via a US bank guarantee of liquidity. This proof of concept transaction demonstrates the complete transaction from Invoice receipt to Payment on the blockchain.

Zeconomy Launches Its New Platform Empowering Enterprises with Digital CP

Mar 2023 - Zeconomy’s new platform is live, giving enterprises the ability to authorize, allocate, and issue Digital CP. The platform connects customers, suppliers, investors, and banks alike. 

Zeconomy's Blockchain Platform Facilitates $60k Supply Chain Finance Transaction with Tokenized Invoice

Sep 2021 - Zeconomy processed a first invoice for over $60k as part of a Supply Chain Finance transaction. The invoice was tokenized and moved on the blockchain between partners participating in the transaction using Zeconomy’s platform.

Zeconomy and IBM Join Forces

Aug 2022 - Zeconomy signs a partnership with IBM. IBM will allow clients to achieve rapid integration with over 125 existing systems.

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