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Unlocking Blockchain's Power for Enterprises, Investors and Suppliers. 

Safer, faster, and more profitable.


Discover how fintech platforms are revolutionizing small suppliers' access to financing in our latest article, co-authored by our Founder Sam Bizri, and featured in the Harvard Business Review. Read more!

issue and pay
with Digital CP.

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Empower corporate executives with improved EBITDA, enhanced security, and greater financial and operational efficiency across the organization and supply chain.

Turn days of work, into minutes.

Turn days of processing into minutes with always-on controls for treasury, accounts payable/receivable and accounting depts.

Live liquidity management capabilities.

Live liquidity management capabilities to create and capture large scale and multiplier effect of discounts and savings in supply chains.

Less Errors, Less Disputes, Less Risk.

Single record of trust in transactions with auto-reconciliation to reduce errors, fraud risks, disputes and processing costs.


Regulatory compliant.

Compliant with regulations, accounting standards and adds safety.


Seamless integration.

Accretive to existing systems, integrates with 125 ERP/TMS systems.


Immediate value and returns.

Creates immediate value and returns and can self-fund supplier adoption growth.

Digital CP provides all the benefits of a store of value and yield of digital assets without the vulnerabilities and risks of existing stablecoin and treasury linked digital assets.

A rated, high-quality asset.

Digital CP is either fully backed by T-Bills and issued by global financial institutions, or high quality senior debt issued by A1/P1 rated corporations. It is rated by the same rating agencies as traditional commercial paper.

Attractive yields.

Better yields than staking stablecoins.

Blockchain-native and compliant with regulations.

Digital CP is blockchain-native security managed completely on-chain. That means faster settlements and complete transparency.

Institutional Investors:
Trade Digital CP

Secure Purchases at Discounted Rates and Advance ESG Objectives.

A digital voucher.

Much like a gift card, Zeconomy's voucher can be bought upfront from suppliers to be redeemed against future purchases at a steep discount. These cards can be even resold on the platform.

ESG goals at a profit.

As the program increases suppliers’ buying power and their ability to plan inventory, production and cash flow, it improves overall supply chain efficiency and resilience allowing you to meet clear Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals in the supply chain.

Lower costs and improved production.

The program provides a low-risk and easy-to-implement opportunity for capturing margins from current inefficiencies.

Digital Vouchers

Rebates without early bill payment. Simply introduce your supplier base to Zeconomy. The more that sign up and finance their receivables or extend their payables, the more rebates you earn.

Extend the time to Pay your Bills without complex SCF. Liquidity is more important now than ever. With one click of a button, negotiate extended payment terms at the
invoice level with your entire supplier base. No long term commitments, and no complicated financing. Zeconomy will work to maximize liquidity at the lowest possible cost to you.


Save on Financing your receivables. Request and receive early payment on your receivables at competitive rates.

Increase profit and liquidity.

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